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If the complaints do not improve significantly despite conservative measures or neurological deficits are predominant, surgical therapy is indicated. Thanks to around 900 successful spinal operations of all degrees of difficulty performed each year, we are able to offer our patients a high level of experience and expertise. What’s more, our specialists also look after their patients on an outpatient basis after the surgical procedure and accompany their rehabilitation.

The treatment methods used at the ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic include:

  • Microsurgical removal of herniated discs in the cervical and lumbar spine, possibly with the help of endoscopic control, laser application as well as neuromonitoring (nerve function monitoring)

  • Microsurgical operations for spinal stenosis, malalignments of the spine, vertebral fractures and spinal tumours

  • Extended fenestration operations (decompression) in case of stenosis of the spinal canal and its nerve structures

  • Microsurgical decompression surgery for nerve entrapments (‘nerve compression syndromes’)

All procedures are performed under an anaesthetic and in compliance with the latest surgical standards. Thanks to the close cooperation with our physiotherapy department, our patients are not only mobilised after surgery, but are also trained in back-friendly posture and movement prior to their operation. This results in a much faster restoration of mobility, physical resilience/exercise capacity and ultimately quality of life. Once the previous pain has been reduced or relieved, trusting in one’s own mobility again and proactively participating in stabilising muscle building can assist the healing process.