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New website of the 'Helle Mitte' clinic

The newly designed website of the ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic has been online since 1 June 2022. The aim of the relaunch is to offer our patients, referring colleagues and all interested parties helpful information on the range of medical services we offer, a vivid and illustrative visual world and improved display on mobile devices.

Provision of Information

A stay at a clinic often gives rise to many questions. The expanded scope of information is intended to explain important organisational procedures and medical aspects in advance of the outpatient consultation or inpatient admission. In accordance with our emphasis on short and direct routes plus fast decision-making processes, the information is designed in such a way that as little time as possible passes between the point at which the patient visits our homepage and the point at which they have their first personal contact.

Visual World

In addition to revising the content, we also focussed on creating an illustrative and meaningful visual world as part of the redesign of our website. Thus, the extended portfolio includes images of the work carried out daily at the clinic, pictures of the medical and nursing team plus glimpses of our rooms and facilities. On the one hand, we want to illustrate our medical care structure and, on the other hand, we are keen to familiarise all interested parties with our range of services.

Mobile Display

All this is rounded off with a new optimised display of our homepage on mobile end devices such as smartphones or tablets. Automated adjustments to the respective screen resolution allow all information on our mobile website to be accessed barrier free, that is, without any inconvenient scrolling or zooming.

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