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Focus on people

The basis for quality management at the ‘Helle Mitte’ clinic is our mission statement. It describes our consistent principles, values and goals.

Our care concept

The patient with their individual needs and characteristics is at the centre of our considerations and actions. We aim to provide the best possible quality of care at all times in order to ensure an optimal healing process. We treat our patients with dignity and respect, regardless of their origin, social status, religious beliefs and spirituality.

Our self-image

We see ourselves as part of a system that can only achieve the best possible care for the patients entrusted to us when it acts collectively. This is implemented in a close and transparent exchange with the entire medical team, nursing staff and administration. We cooperate constructively with external cooperation partners.

Our work

Our working atmosphere is characterised by trust and mutual respect. Our goal is to achieve a high level of job satisfaction and motivation among all our employees, as this has a decisive influence on the success of what we do. New employees are given structured induction training by our experienced staff. We provide regular opportunities for further and advanced training to help strengthen and consolidate the high level of professionalism and extensive qualifications and skills of our specialists.

Our responsibility

We face the competition in the healthcare sector by focusing our actions not only on the quality of treatment we offer but also on cost-effectiveness. This makes it possible to expand proven structures over the long term. We handle our available personnel and material resources conscientiously and also take into account the concerns of the respective payers. The premises for our patients and workplaces for our staff follow the established hygienic, ecological and economic standards.