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The 'Helle Mitte' clinic has profound expertise and many years of experience in the field of spine surgery, the conservative treatment of spinal disorders and associated examination methods.

The 'Helle Mitte' clinic helps referring doctors to treat their patients more efficiently and flexibly by providing clear diagnostic and therapeutic strategies.

The 'Helle Mitte' clinic improves the quality of life of patients with spinal complaints – not only by carrying out interventional procedures, but also by treating functional disorders of the spine, which are caused, among other things, by poor posture or muscular deficits. Referring doctors are helped to recognise these patients.

The 'Helle Mitte' clinic operates in a flexible and patient-friendly manner in the healthcare sector. Unnecessary or delayed treatment procedures are avoided through structural management and quality assurance measures.

The 'Helle Mitte' clinic employs staff who can be trusted. Our employees are reliable and committed and act in a goal-oriented manner with a high degree of devotion and fairness.

The 'Helle Mitte' clinic stands for clear, simple and transparent processes that help to achieve the desired results. We keep a constant eye on medical developments and advances and implement any useful innovations efficiently.

1st Place in patient satisfaction of specialist clinics.

(White List of Bertelsmann Stiftung 03/2021,
Source: www.weisse-liste.de)